My Scrap Book
316th Entry

My memories of my time at RAF Hereford in 316th Entry.

F Flight 25
All pictures were taken with an Old Brownie
Photographs are memories
Jimmy Nicolson

I remember this picture being taken. We were at RAF Cosford for our Air Experiences in Chipmunks.

Taff Evans

This picture was take at Aberporth during a day out at the beach during our Sumer Camp 1970

Tommy Adamson

This picture of Tommy was taken on the grass outside Campbell Block.

Graham Duckworth

Graham out side Campbell Block

Alan Lenard

I remember this picture being taken. Not long after the Hunter had arrived.

Richard Pearce

Dicky Pearce outside Campbell Block

Steve Howard

Another photo taken outside Campbell Block

Trevor Mooney

Yours truly

Peter Edgar

Another picture taken at Aberporth. Sadley Peter passed away 2020.

Trevor Mooney

Another picture of the author taken at Aberporth.

Steve Howard taking in the Rays in both pictures.....

Sgt Wilson

Sgt Wilson along with the other NCO's certainly made a long lasting impression

Taff Evans

Sorry can't remember the name of the dog

Need to try and establish names
Mid Entry

I remember us parading this around but can't remember the significance.

Bed Tip
Alan Lenard being tipped out of bed by Trevor Mooney, Terry Martin, Lawrence Barrow and Kevin Lowe.
Jimmy Nicolson
Didn't we think we were so Cool !!!
Pete Hudson

Unfortunately Peter passed 

away well before his time.

Paddy & Cliff

Paddy Hanratty and Clifford Davies.

Paddy now resides in Canada and Clfford lives in Gibraltar.

Richard Pearce
Another picture of Dicky Pearce
Three Amigos

Trevor Mooney, Peter Edgar and Alan Lenard.

As mentioned earlier sadly Peter is no longer with us.


Summer Camp 1970 Airmens Mess


Summer Camp 1970


 accommodation .


If I remember rightly this was on one of our trips preparing for Ten Tors


This was definitely at Aberporth. Cant remember the Officers name I just remember him being RAF Regiment